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Perfect solution for you! So, what you're waiting for?

English with Moon offers various different packages to help you on your journey to better English.

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Individual or Package Lessons

You can start buying lessons individually or you can buy lessons at a discount in packages of 5, 10 or more!
Anyone who buys a package will also have priority for lesson times as you can book over a month in advance!

Buying in bulk will also save you money – up to 33%!

Online or Offline

We realise it’s not always easy to find the time to leave the house for lessons, especially after work, so we offer our packages to people over the Internet. All you need is a Microphone (and a Camera if you have one) and we can begin our journey online.

Time to Suit You

We offer a wide range of different times that you can book because we understand that world time-zones can be a tricky thing. Each lesson is 50 minutes of learning. Because of this we know that we will have a time that will suit you and, if your requested time isn’t possible, we can try and sort a solution that will best suit you.



Anyone who takes part in our ‘Professional’ or ‘Plus’ packages are eligible for optional homework. This homework is to be studied in your own time between sessions and targeted at improving the finer elements of your English writing. All homework will begin after 3 sessions/2 weeks.

Business Clients

Quite often we can say or insinuate things we don’t mean with a simple mistake in the things we say or write. English with Moon¬†are aware that this can be devastating for businesses where the wrong message can make for a costly mistake. We will go over presentations, letters or the finer points of conversation with businesses so that these mistakes need never get in the way of work.

Proof Reading

We also offer proof reading services at competitive rates. If you have any documents that have been translated to English but are unsure whether or not it’s worded correctly or difficult to understand then English with Moon can check over any documents for you.

Welcome to our company

English with Moon is a one-on-one oriented English Language program developed by Karl Moon,¬†offering competitive prices for both online and offline learning. We don’t use a standard lesson-plan for our sessions and instead prefer to teach to the specific needs of a client, every person is unique, why shouldn’t every lesson? We believe the best way to learn is to feel like we’re cared about and as a result we refuse to use standardised lesson planning.

The first session is a meet and greet where we learn about you, what it is that you do and why you want to improve your English and for what purpose. If it’s because you’re working with International clients, then we will focus our lessons to be specialised for that purpose. If it’s because you’re learning it already but want to improve on the finer points, then the lesson will be specifically for that purpose. No matter why, or for what reason, we know we can not just improve your English, but also increase your confidence. With our friendly teachers you have no reason to worry about imperfect English, we’ll get you there.

We like to offer our clients a sense of convenience, so wherever you are, home, work, hotel or somewhere else, you are able to learn via our online lessons. A wide-range of available lesson times allow you to manage your classes and changes to your schedule as needed – no one can be free all the time, so we work around you. Because we offer online lessons you can start your lessons when you want and for as long as you need with our personalised sessions and learning packages, all available at an excellent price for a quality service.


I am so much more confident when speaking English thanks to Karl. Thank you.

— Susete


Even though I’ve worked in an English spoken work place for many years, English with Moon was able to help me improve.

— Beatrice